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The project as machine

The project as machine

The project managers I respect most are those who make it look easy—especially if I know the project in question is particularly nasty. I know one project manager who came in after four previous attempts to start the project, all of which failed. 12 months into the 18 month piece of work he described it … Continue reading


Hi. I'm Nik Silver. I've been running software teams for years. My specialism is getting technical teams working effectively with each other and with others, to deliver business value frequently and consistently. Take a look at my experience.

If you want to talk about turning talented people into brilliant teams then get in touch. I'm on e-mail, and I'm @pigsaw on Twitter.

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  • Cabinet Office claims 40% savings as Fujitsu deal expires -
    "The Cabinet Office is set to spend 40 percent less on its IT after replacing its outsourced 'Flex' Fujitsu contract with an in-house service, according to CTO Tom Read."
  • BBC News - Can the government ban encryption?
    "As the UK's Prime Minister David Cameron put it in a speech this week - there should be no "means of communication" which "we cannot read". But in an era when communication takes many forms, and with the added problem that much of this communication is encrypted, how easy is it to turn this sound bite into reality?"
  • Deal with the system as a whole please - Cognitive Edge Network Blog
    "Aggregation is the corollary of reductionism and it is the common approach to both scaling and integration. [...] Often the jigsaw pieces are simply forced together in the manner of a five year old who has not yet acquired the spacial awareness to do anything more subtle. One example of this is SAFe which claims to scale Agile by simply fitting togethe […]
  • My First 5 Minutes On A Server; Or, Essential Security for Linux Servers
    "My security philosophy is simple: adopt principles that will protect you from the most frequent attack vectors, while keeping administration efficient enough that you won’t develop “security cruft”. If you use your first 5 minutes on a server wisely, I believe you can do that."
  • A lick of new paint - Cognitive Edge Network Blog
    Dave Snowden on misappropriated words: "The one that worries me more is Lean Startup which again has nothing whatsoever to do with lean and relies on a context free transfer or a very wasteful approach into a context that cannot handle that level of waste. Now I’ve read the books and talked with some of the advocates but I have yet to see anything in th […]