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The distance of committees from reality

The distance of committees from reality

I was recently reflecting on a painful past project, and found that so many of the problems stemmed from the distance between the main decision-making group—a committee—and what went on in real life. That particular project had five major layers (mostly different kinds of organisations handing off from one to the other), with the central … Continue reading


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    "In an A/A test, you run a test using the exact same options for both “variants” in your test. That’s right, there’s no difference between “A” and “B” in an A/A test. It sounds stupid, until you see the “results.”"
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    "Enterprises of all sizes have confused novelty for innovation. Innovation institutes change: changing the offering, changing expectations, even (for the lucky few) changing the game. Novelty’s only benefit is its newness; like the smell of a new car, it rarely survives extended contact with its first customers."
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    Love this. "Singapore usually comes top, or nearly top, of the international rankings in primary maths performance. And when you read this question – you can see why. It’s an excellent logical puzzle, which will stump most adults."
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    "More big news today from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that they are launching a fully managed file system fro EC2 instances. This is the company’s first foray into the network attached storage (NAS) space and looks set to make existing NAS vendors nervous. The solution provides standard file system semantics that works with standard operating system APIs […]