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What is the right size for a user story?

What is the right size for a user story?

Generally speaking I encourage people to make their user stories smaller, not bigger. But I will long remember an excessively heated argument many years ago with my former colleague Mat Wall in which he was adamant that I was going too far by insisting on stories which where too small. In that case he was … Continue reading


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    "[LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman] wants both workers and employers to begin having honest conversations with each other — conversations that admit employment isn't for life, that loyalty only lasts so long as it coincides with self-interest, and that the relationship doesn't have to end when the worker leaves."
  • Google finds that security questions aren't really secure
    "If you've ever thought that "what was your first pet's name?" is a lousy way to keep intruders from resetting your password, you now have some evidence to back up your suspicions. [...] And you probably don't want to use bogus answers to throw people off the scent, either. Many of those who try this strategy use common words an […]
  • Did Toyota fool the lean community for decades?
    What you know about the Toyota system is wrong: Taiichi Ohno misdirected his western visitors.
  • It starts with a story… |
    "They observed that in the case of stories that are really “Features” the format tended to be “I want a…” whereas for stories that were “Capabilities” the format tended to be “I want to…”. Some found ways around this by saying “I want to have a…”."
  • Google Tracker: I/O 2015 edition—Android M, Chromecast 2, and lots more | Ars Technica UK
    Step by step refactoring: "Google separated the sign-in page from the password page, theoretically allowing users to authenticate with something other than the standard username/password combo. Setup's easy update means that if Google ever does come up with a different way to sign in, it can be pushed down to every Lollipop device, and users can se […]