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Internal comms includes listening

Internal comms includes listening

In most organisations I’ve worked in people say “We need to be better at communicating”—that is, communicating internally to their own staff. And in almost all these situations it’s by people who want to know what’s going on elsewhere in the organisation (maybe at the top level) or those who want to explain that. What’s … Continue reading


Hi. I'm Nik Silver. I've been leading software teams for years. My specialism is helping organisations work effectively with their technical teams, to deliver business value frequently and consistently. Take a look at my experience.

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    "In my conversations with customers and vendors over the past 18 months, I’ve been trying to find someone who speaks highly of Gartner’s bimodal approach to IT. [...] I haven't found any."
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    "...the approach should be not ‘digital’ but ‘human by default’."
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    "“The role of code developers is not to develop code, but to overcome problems through the use of code.” This sentence is lifted straight from here. It says that... The role of X is not to Y, but to overcome problems through the use of Y."
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    "We need to recognize the difference, the practical gap, that will always exist between EA models, plans, and other artifacts and an enterprise’s actual strategies, systems, assets, and processes. There will always be a gap because of several factors..."
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    "The Spotify model can help you to understand how things are done at Spotify, but you shouldn’t copy it in your own organization. It changes all the time as people at Spotify learn and discover new things. There is no one way in which software is developed at Spotify."