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Avoiding black and white isn’t black and white

Avoiding black and white isn’t black and white

Previously I’ve said that it’s unhelpful to view risk or uncertainty as black and white events that either happen or don’t happen. And I’ve also pointed out that it’s unhelpful generally to think about things in a binary manner. Happily, that’s a rule that can be applied to itself. In other words, this isn’t really … Continue reading


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  • NSA operative might have accidentally leaked its hacking tools
    "American authorities are still digging into how a set of NSA's hacking tools landed in the hands of a group called Shadow Brokers who then leaked them online."
  • GDS reboots as transformation resource
    "The Government Digital Service (GDS) received a major boost yesterday, with the announcement that it will absorb the resources of the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) Digital Academy, and received a new remit to go beyond “just digital”."
  • User research, not user testing – Digital blogs
    "User research is invaluable to us to help decide if we should build/release something at all, what that something should be and how it should work. It shows us how the thing we make will fit into users lives."
  • Agile on the Bench Gender diversity - Emily Webber
    "We have been collecting stats of perceived gender diversity (counted rather than surveyed) since it started it in Nov 2014. This post is sharing those stats and some observations."
  • RAS syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "RAS syndrome (short for "redundant acronym syndrome syndrome") refers to the use of one or more of the words that make up an acronym in conjunction with the abbreviated form, thus in effect repeating one or more words. Two common examples are "PIN number" (the "N" in PIN stands for "number") and "ATM machine […]