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The value statement

The value statement

Over the last 12 months I’ve worked increasingly with people to create what’s been termed a “value statement” for their various projects and programmes. Value statement isn’t my term (although it’s been used before for similar things [1], [2]) and I like it a lot. A value statement is a very simple statement of the … Continue reading


Hi. I'm Nik Silver. I've been leading software teams for years. My specialism is helping organisations work effectively with their technical teams, to deliver business value frequently and consistently. Take a look at my experience.

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  • German Intel chief: Russia is trying to 'destabilize' the country
    "In recent months, Germany has seen an "aggressive and increased cyber spying and cyber operations that could potentially endanger German government officials, members of parliament and employees of democratic parties," Maaßen said in his statement. This has been accompanied by an "enormous use of financial resources" to spread […]
  • Thieves can guess your secret Visa card details in just seconds | Ars Technica UK
    "The technique relies on Web bots that spread random guesses across almost 400 e-commerce sites that accept credit card payments. [...] Because different sites rely on different fields, the bots are able to enter intelligent guesses into the user field of multiple sites until the bots hit on the right ones."
  • Why the fuss about serverless?
    "The co-evolution of practice around platform from componentisation to code sharing to financial monitoring to increases in agility and efficiency is a pretty big deal as we enter this serverless world. But the new business models around worth based development and the collision of finance and development will literally knock your socks off."
  • Lies, damned lies, statistics and university performance targets – Peter Scott | Education | The Guardian
    "It gets worse. Performance enthusiasts naively believe they are “driving up” standards across the board, by selecting just a few key indicators. In fact, by seeking to measure some things, usually because they are easier to measure, a default decision has been taken not to measure other, more important, ones."
  • The Varieties of Human Work | Humanistic Systems
    Four basic varieties can be considered: work-as-imagined; work-as-prescribed; work-as-disclosed; and work-as-done. These are illustrated in the figure below, which shows that the varieties of human work do usually overlap, but not completely, leaving areas of commonality, and areas of difference. Here we will consider each variety, one by one.