Want a job in video or audio?

My colleague Neil McIntosh writes on his blog:

I’m pleased to report this blog has had some success on the recruitment front, so here goes again… and this time, it’s for two of my teams.

Indeed, one of the new members of our expanding software team found their way to us through one of Neil’s previous (and snappy) posts. As he remarked at the time, “Possibly the most profitable eleven words I’ve ever written.” (If so, only because your other writing is invaluable, Neil, only because of that…)

By way of returning the favour, I’m happy to say our multimedia capability is also expanding significantly, and we have eight new positions covering four distinct roles: Head of Audio, Head of Video, Audio Producers and Video Producers.

Take a look at Neil’s blog for some background. It’s probably one of the most exciting A/V opportunities around at the moment, and certainly a terrific bunch of people to be working with.