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A book list from the Gilb Seminar 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was privileged to be invited to attend and speak at Tom Gilb‘s 12th Gilb Seminar.  It continued Tom’s decades-long work, and was focused on moving from “a state of nice-sounding words for objectives and solutions to clear quantified objectives and constraints to define the problem with clear quantified assertions to the merits of solution alternatives”.

Deutsche Bank hosted the Gilb Seminar 2011 - photo by Vix_BAs the five days unfolded so did a rich collection of ideas, insights and tools. Instead of recounting various presentations, I’ve decided to present a list of books which were cited along the way — or at least those which I noted down. Some of these are by people who presented, though in those cases I’ve mentioned only the ones that were cited first by others. These are listed in (almost) no order and without comment. And, in an act of apparent masochism, none of the links are to Amazon…



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