Burn-up charts made even easier

I’ve updated my Google Sheets burn-up template once again. Here are the changes:

  • There’s a handy new shortcut key for the most common action: adding a new line to record a change in a user story. This is Shift + Ctrl + Alt + 1 on PC and Shift + Option + Cmd + 1 on Mac. It will duplicate the current line in the row below, but also remove all the dates to ensure you put new, correct dates in.
  • It’s now available on Github.
  • There’s a single README with the Github code, with complete instructions from starting out to advanced use. So now you no longer need to jump between several blog posts to work out how to use it.
  • The unit tests are no longer on a tab in the spreadsheet, getting in the way. Instead, they are in scripts hidden away with the rest of the code, and they use a test framework.

There’s nothing like user testing. I was introducing the spreadsheet to someone the other day and it became immediately apparent that duplicating lines to record changes was a pain, and that a shortcut key would help. This was despite using it myself often—seeing other people go through the pain is powerful. And if you think Shift + Ctrl + Alt + 1 isn’t as convenient as it could be, then I’d agree with you. Unfortunately Google gives very limited options.

If all this is new to you then the tl;dr is:

Simply go to the original spreadsheet, make your own copy using File > Make a copy, and name it as you like. Then close the original and play around with your new burn-up spreadsheet.

Or read the README.

Feedback welcome. In the meantime, have fun.